SVAD studio - Chapafarms packaging design for cricket flour products
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Packaging design and 3D

Vancouver, CANADA – 2016

Chapafarms packaging design for the line of Cricket Flour based products, was quite a challenge. The client needed a product that would appeal to the consumer from the health-food segment, but targeting a new niche Рinsect based products for human consumption. The obvious difficulty in this project was above all to emphasize the health benefits of this unconventional product, without making the consumer reticent.

PACKAGING creation.

Design and press preparation


A special product requires special packaging. And when it comes to natural ingredients and health benefits, eco-friendly is the next logical step. That’s why biodegradable resealable paper packages were the best choice. Black pouches for the Cricket Flour and Cricket Protein Powder, and white wraps for the Energy Bars are the best way to let the intricate and colourful organic patterns have their moment.


With bold and daring products highly packed with protein, nutrients, amino acids, Calcium and Iron, Chapafarms deserve the best packaging design. Vivid, colourful and most of all powerful.

Wanna see how the project is growing?