SVAD studio - Jaka Jamu packaging design for a tonic drink
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Jaka Jamu packaging design



Packaging design, Logo design, 3D and Digital Content Creation

NEW YORK, 2018

LUANA: “When Caitlin and Kristina contacted me for the Jaka Jamu packaging design, I was instantly hooked. Jaka Jamu was an unwritten yet great idea that needed a little bit of twist from SVAD STUDIO. What they didn’t know is that they decided to “knock on the right door” because I’m all into skin & health benefits and magical ingredients is my mantra.”


They brought Turmeric and Tamarind, we brought Packaging design and Advertising Creatives and this awesome “tonic, not juice” has launched online.

Jaka Jamu packaging design

LOGO design.

Story and concept


We had the name and the story behind Jamu. The story was talking about a traditional herbal medicine from Indonesia, with a recipe that has been passed on through generations by word of mouth. Made out of roots, herbs and barks inside a hut or teepee called “warung”.


This is when slowly the tent shape came to life, protecting this ancient beverage recipe and keeping it’s unique qualities.

PACKAGING creation.

Design and press preparation


A special product requires special packaging. And when it comes to natural ingredients and health benefits, eco-friendly is the next logical step, so a glass bottle that can be reused was the best choice. 10oz and 160z clear glass bottle, to be precise. This was the first step in Jaka Jamu’s packaging design.


Created to fill a void in the health drink market, this low on calories, carbs and sugar tonic, required nothing more than a fresh, white and sleek packaging. Suitable for a fresh and easy-on-your-diet drink. With just a touch of colour, of course.

Digital Content Creation


With a product that says it all from the first glance, what else needs to be said? We kept it simple, like the ingredients list. 


Colourful, fun, bold and full of energy. 

Wanna see how the project is growing?

Jaka Jamu packaging design
Jaka Jamu packaging design
Jaka Jamu packaging design