SVAD studio - Offensive Crayons packaging design
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Offensive Crayons packaging design



Packaging design and 3D

NEW YORK, 2018

When we first read the brief for this project, our first thought was “these guys are the perfect amount of jackass to make us wanna be a part of it”. What else shouts f*ck off better than an obscene yellow box that flicks you off? Strategically placed at level eye in your local shop, of course.


Each box of Offensive Crayons contains 24 colored pencils with names “that match your lifestyle” like: Miscarriage Maroon, Travel Ban Brown, “Privilege” white, Insufferable Vegan Green, Boner Pill Blue, Alcoholic Piss and many more. Just get a box to see them all. Ot two. Because Offensive Crayons packaging design has now a Christmas Edition.

Offensive Crayons packaging design
Offensive Crayons packaging design coloring crayons for adults

Social Impact


We’ve always wanted to say that we’ve worked on a product that has been banned from Amazon and became viral on social media. And this packaging design for Offensive Crayons was the perfect way.

Wanna see how the project is growing?