SVAD studio - Paw&Coat brand identity and packaging design for fur care
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Paw&Coat brand identity and packaging main image

PAW & COAT – dog care line


Brand identity, Packaging design, Naming, 3D and Communication concept

NEW YORK, 2017

When we first read the brief for this project for loving cats & dogs owners, our first thought was “oh man, such a colourful and fun direction they have, and they just don’t know it yet”. So we created a hip and daring concept for the Paw&Coat brand identity and packaging, suitable for a modern society…

of pets.


We like to #BECREATIVE, #FRESH is our middle name and #FUNNY is how we roll, and so do they. So when they told us to #PLAYDIRTY and gave us free hand, the naming of the products just popped: SHAMPAW and COATITIONER. For dogs.
And the logo?

all written in cursive dirty-&-colorful-paw-print.

Yes, ma’am!

Paw&Coat brand identity and packaging brandbook

BRAND identity.

Story and concept


Meet Cat – Company owner,

paw model and SVAD muse for the entire

Paw&Coat brand identity and packaging.

Paw&Coat brand identity and packaging skus
Paw&Coat brand identity and packaging dieline

Online and offline communication


This product is aimed to the brave dog inside of you, to the feisty cat you always wanted to be when you grew up, that’s why #ADVENTUROUS is what we wanted to aim for.

Fun, colorful and hip, always down for a #PAWTY.

Wanna see how the project is growing?