SVAD studio PIFF - Ploiesti International Film Festival
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PIFF – Ploiesti International Film Festival


Exhibitions and Installations, Art Direction and Digital Content Creation


In 2015, we started working with PIFF – Ploiesti International Film Festival. Over the years, we helped transform this local film festival, into an event that attracts to filmmakers all from over the world. More than 3000 movies submitted every year from over 50 countries and a constantly growing team of volunteers that help us make this an EVENT.

Creatives and Installations


What we’ve learned over these years, is that working on a Film Festival requires more than an eye-catching poster. We took it personal with this project and tried to push each year’s idea further, until an experience was created. Every edition has a chosen theme that dictates everything from film categories to marketing visuals.

We chose creative workshops, installations and sensorial experiences such as VR glasses. These made PIFF – Ploiesti International Film Festival the city’s event of the year.

Wanna see how the project is growing?