SVAD studio Y-Juice packaging design for cold pressed juice
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Packaging design and 3D

NEW YORK, 2016

Yazmeen hit me up and said just this “Y-Juice is a New York City themed juice bar that unites health with music (hip hop) and culture. All New York boroughs have a theme, every juice has a name, every bottle has a story. Can you make this work?” And the answer came directly in the form of the final design, because this is EXACTLY our vibe. We just live in the wrong New York.


So Y-Juice packaging design popped out black, sleek, fresh and most of all, urban. 

SKUs concept.

Story and concept


Each New York borrough had its own juice flavour, and each flavour was inspired from the borrough’s spirit, so it was obvious that we needed to encompass both those things in the design of the labels. We had to feel it, however, and that’s how we ended up listening to a boombox while jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge wearing crowns on our heads, like we’re f**in’ royals with a stolen Manhattan street sign straight onto a Staten Island ferry. NYC Baby!

That’s why Y-Juice packaging design just might be the Great Of All Times.

PACKAGING creation.

Design and press preparation


Y-Juice packaging design contains a collection of 5 SKUs that represent the 5 statement borroughs of NYC, with their culture, history and passion for hip-hop. Wanting to let these gorgeous colours of juice take the spotlight, going for black caps, black everything was the first and only choice. 

Black sleek labels with them urban tags, graffiti style.

Wanna see how the project is growing?